Programs Offered
Learn to Skate Group Lessons

 - Snow Plow Sam,   These levels help the skater develop preliminiary coordination and strength to manuever on the the ice. 

 - Basic Skills 1 - 6, Skaters will learn the fundamentals of figure skating including forward and backward skating, stops, edges, and turns.

 - Pre-Freeskate, Freeskate 1-6, Skaters will begin learning entry level jumps and spins and elements related to Moves in the Field.

Learn to Skate Practice Ice

 - Learn to Skate Practice Ice is available to skaters interested in working with a private coach and contracting additional ice. 

Skaters on this ice are skaters who are working on elements related to their group lessons, competition elements, or Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field elements and must work with a private coach for at least 15 minutes. 

Lower Level Freestyle (Contract) Ice

 - Skaters in Basic 7 through Pre-Preliminary Freestyle qualify to skate on this ice with a Freestyle Membership. 

   Skaters on this ice are typically working toward a Moves In The Field, Freestyle test, or competition piece.

Upper Level Freestyle (Contract) Ice

 - Skater tested at a Pre - Preliminary Freestyle level and higher qualify to skate on this ice with a Freestyle Membership. 

   Skaters on this ice are tyically working with a private coach and working toward testing or competing.

Synchronized Skating

 - Upon completion of Basic 6, skaters may choose to participate in Synchronized Skating. 

   The Winona Figure Skating Club offers synchronized skating classes and teams, depending on numbers of skaters. 

   For more information on Synchronized Skating, please see a board member.


 - Winona Figure Skating will make every effort to offer at least two test sessions each membership year.  

    Skaters wishing to test should get test recommendations from a coach.

Annual Ice Show

 - In April of each year we offer our Annual Ice Show.  Commitments to skate in the show must be made no later than October 1.

Compete USA Competition

 - Winona Figure Skating Club offers a Basic Skills competition to those in Basic Skills 1 through Preliminary test levels. 

   For the competition announcement or for more information, please see the Big River Competition Link on our website.
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